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At Foundation Specialties, Inc. we're proud to be an ESOP Company. In the year 2000, the company's original owner decided that he would like to see the employees of the company become owners in what they had helped build.

ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) are becoming an increasingly popular benefit for employees and employers alike. An ESOP is a plan that provides a buyer for the stockholders looking to sell their company and a benefit to the employees.

Whether you're dealing with Paul, Glen, Marianne, Bubba, Sean, Deana or one of the other dedicated employee/owners of Foundation Specialties, you know they are committed to your satisfaction!

Meet Our Team

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Eric Richards Superintendent
Gabriel Garnica Crew Foreman
Jose Rios Superintendent
Panfilo Chavez Crew Leader
Paul Gintonio Chief Operations Officer
Fernando Garcia Concrete Construction
Glen Carte Chief Financial Officer
Raul Martinez Residential Repair
Salvador Chavez Equipment Transport


The Company’s historical footprints trace back to 1972 with the arrival from Iowa of Mr. Hank Gintonio. Hank began pouring and finishing cast-in-place concrete basements, concrete slabs, and even built a few homes in Fayetteville, AR prior to incorporating in 1975 as “Gintonio Concrete Construction, Inc.” Hank’s son, Paul Gintonio, began work with his father’s company in 1975. As time progressed he began taking on steadily increasing responsibilities and added commercial projects to the company's workload mix. As Hank neared retirement in the late ’80s, he turned more and more construction operations responsibilities over to his son.

During this time, Paul had noticed the prevalence of unstable clay soil conditions in the area. He soon started “Atlas Piers of Northwest Arkansas” as his own endeavor which he ran alongside his father’s construction company. In 1989, Hank announced his retirement.


As his father was preparing for retirement, Paul meanwhile was trying to develop his own small but promising business. It was at this time that Paul decided to incorporate his own business endeavor as “Gintonio Concrete Contractors, Inc. d.b.a. Atlas Piers of Northwest Arkansas”. He would continue to perform much of the same work as his father’s company but he would also perform work as an authorized dealer/contractor for the “Atlas Systems” lineup of specialty foundation repair products and services.

In 1995, Atlas Systems introduced a product line that was especially well suited to the company's reputation and position within the new construction market. As an alternative to the conventionally drilled concrete caisson, which was the current choice for "deep foundations" on light commercial and custom residential applications, Atlas Systems introduced an all-steel "Helical Pier" product line. This system offered substantial benefits in both the New Construction and Repair applications. Tools and equipment were consequently purchased in 1995, and personnel was trained in the methods of installation.


During the mid thru the late '90s, both our sales and the Northwest Arkansas area grew quite rapidly. We began focusing harder on building a more structured management and operations team. Additional personnel was added to fill in the much-needed voids. During this period our corporate name was changed to “Foundation Specialties, Inc. “.

In 2001 it was decided that Foundation Specialties would implement a new benefits program. The company would become employee-owned. Effective with the year 2001, the company adopted a new employee benefit plan called an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). ESOPs are becoming an increasingly popular benefit for employees and employers alike and the company is currently excited about its future. (For more information on our ESOP follow this link "FSI - ESOP").

In 2002 we further developed our drainage remediation and waterproofing efforts by the addition of the Basement Systems line of products. Basement Systems offers an excellent interior basement waterproofing alternative to the common industry practice of exterior waterproofing. This alternative has proven to be reliable and significantly less costly to homeowners who have had problems with basement moisture control.

In 2003 we took our basement waterproofing efforts a step further by becoming installers of the Tremco Barrier Solutions products. We utilize Tremco products on New Construction Wall Waterproofing applications prior to backfilling the wall.

In the year 2006, our company began work on a new division within our company called the Geo-Construction Division. This division would be headed up by Corporate President Paul Gintonio and would pursue Micro Pile Technology. It was determined that this division would dovetail nicely with our Repair Division and fit within the corporate scheme of who we are and what we do in providing “cutting edge” technology to those whom we serve.

Today and Tomorrow

Currently (as of the beginning of 2008) Foundation Specialties, Inc. maintains a workforce of approximately 40 employees. From its base of operations at 328 South 40th Street in Springdale, Arkansas, it continues to provide foundation construction and repair services to area residents and businesses.

The company strives to maintain and build on a reputation that goes back to the early '70s. The corporate mission as adopted by management is:

To provide engineers, architects, contractors, and owners the latest proven technologies in reinforced-concrete construction and foundation-related repair services while exemplifying professionalism, excellence and service and encouraging maximum personal development for its employees.

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“"...your professional and quality work has allowed us to restore our only means of entrance to the property." "I am indeed blessed!"”

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Richard C. of Fayetteville, AR

“It was a pleasure working with Foundation Specialties and I look forward to working with you all in the future.”

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Corey B. of Fayetteville, AR

“"Your strong backing of your work & products is beyond anything we have encountered - in a great way!"”

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Jeff J. of Fayetteville, AR

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