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Customer Testimonial from Richard C. in Fayetteville, AR

Hello Paul,

I think it is worth mentioning to you again how appreciate I am on behalf of my family and residents of Rivercliff for all your efforts to repair our roadway. From the time we discovered we had issues with road stability until its completion yesterday your professionalism and quality work has allowed us to restore our only means of entrance to the property. Throughout the lawsuit, you were a voice of reason that helped me keep a calm resolve that the problem would someday be corrected. Well that day has arrived and I am most thankful. We all call on the Lord during hard times and when I did, he sent you. I am indeed blessed! I am also appreciative of Sean, Bill and Jose. They are top notch in every regard. Please pass along my appreciation to them.

By the way, if you get a chance, please send along a few pictures of the site under construction if they are available. I took a few and so did my nephew Mike but I am planning to put one on the wall as a reminder that even the toughest of times sometimes have a good ending. Please feel free to call on me if I may ever be of assistance to you.


Thanks again


- Richard C. of Fayetteville, AR
Friday, April 17th

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