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Basement Systems, Inc. has designed the perfect solution for crawl spaces. The CleanSpace® system was designed to isolate the home from the earth completely and permanently. It is installed along the crawl space floor and up the walls sealing (encapsulating) the crawl space. For many years people have been using 6-mil plastic to seal up crawl spaces in an attempt to resolve the many problems associated with the vented, unprotected crawl spaces. Unfortunately 6-mil plastic is very flimsy, difficult to attach to walls and does not provide an adequate solution.

The CleanSpace® liner is a heavy 20 mil thick material similar to a pool liner. It is a manufactured 7 layer blend of high and low density polyethylene and two layers of polyester cord reinforcement. The CleanSpace® liner is tough enough for you to crawl on and allows you to use your crawl space as a storage area. CleanSpace® is also coated with an anti-microbial agent to resist mold and bacteria growth.

Some of the advantages that can be achieved by installing CleanSpace® are:

Crawl Space Repair

  • Reduction in Mold Levels
  • Reduction in Utility Bills
  • Warmer Floors in the Winter
  • Reduced Swelling and Cracking of Wood Floors and Trim
  • Reduced smells from the Crawl Space
  • Reduced insect infestation
  • Turning a nasty crawlspace into a useful storage area

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Crawl Spaces: Heating and Cooling

The heating and cooling costs are higher in a home with a vented dirt crawl space. During the summer, vents let warm humid air in and make the house harder to air condition as all this moisture needs to be wrung out of the air by the HVAC units.

In the winter the vents let in cold air, which causes very cold, uncomfortable floors upstairs and higher heating costs.

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Crawl Spaces: Humidity Levels and Mold

Crawl Space Repair

As the humidity levels rise in crawl spaces, moisture condensates on the surfaces, leading to serious problems in your home. These problems can lead to health issues and the need for expensive repairs.

Crawl Spaces are notorious for being damp and moldy as well as a popular hideout for all kinds of insects and critters. A damp crawlspace environment can be both unhealthy to the homeowner as well as destructive to the home.

Dirt crawl spaces have the high humidity levels necessary for mold growth. It is not uncommon to see 50% to 90% humidity levels in dirt crawl spaces that have never been flooded. Mold thrives and reproduces in these high humidity levels by producing airborne spores by the millions. Mold can grow on any organic material such as wood, insulation, dirt, and carpet.

We know that warm air rises. As heat rises, the natural air movement in a home is upward. Air escapes out of the upper levels, and is drawn upward from the lower levels. Mold spores, odors, and humidity coming from the crawlspace create an uncomfortable environment for people. The natural airflow sucks the moist air and everything in it up from the crawl space and into the living areas of the home. Many people are allergic to these things, and experience a host of symptoms while not realizing that their dirt crawl space is affecting their health.

Reducing the humidity level in you crawl space can also reduce the spreading of mold spores under your house. Mold needs only three things to thrive; an organic material, the right temperature range and moisture. Controlling the amount of moisture is the one thing a homeowner can do to battle the potentially damaging affects of mold. Depriving mold of moisture will stop it from growing but will not actually kill the mold. Existing mold will still remain. Reports however have shown that mold will remain dormant as long as humidity levels are reduced below 40%.

For information on mold from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) go to

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