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Foundation Repair in Rogers, Fayetteville, Springdale

Foundation Specialties LLC is your local foundation repair company offering Arkansas residents warrantied structural repairs. In business since 1989, our foundation contractors are experienced professionals capable of solving any structural or foundation problem that your Arkansas home is enduring.

Our company offers Arkansas residents warrantied foundation services that:

  • Restore property value
  • Warrant against any further settlement
  • Can be installed all year-round
  • Resist corrosion and have a long life span
  • Include Free Estimates and fast service!

Best of all, we provide Free Estimates on any of our foundation repair services to homeowners in need!

Included in our Free Estimates are a full on-site inspection, direct consultation, and a free copy of our 88-page foundation repair book. Don't let your foundation perish, contact us today for your free foundation repair estimate

We are company located in Centerton, Arkansas. We offer our foundation repair services to residents throughout the state of Arkansas, including Eureka Springs, Springdale, Fayetteville, Rogers, Bentonville, Bella Vista, Lowell, Centerton, Siloam Springs, Berryville, Farmington, and the surrounding cities.

Foundation Services We Offer throughout Northwest Arkansas

Below are our foundation repair services we offer throughout our Arkansas service area. To learn more click on a photo for more information.  

A happy family outside a home with a repaired foundation in Hindsville

Costs Vary for Each Foundation Repair

Every home is built differently, thus every home requires a custom solution for its specific foundation problem. When you call us for a Free Estimate, one of our trained foundation specialists will meet with you to discuss the needed repairs and service cost to restore your foundation. 

Should I Repair or Replace My Foundation?

The choice between repairing or replacing your foundation is a decision that requires professional advisement. It's hard to understand how serious a foundation problem can be in the first place, deciding whether to repair or replace it - is a whole different ball game. We're here to help! One of our foundation experts will visit with you for a free inspection and determine the proper solutions to your home needs.

Our company, Foundation Specialties LLC, has over 30 years of experience with commercial and residential home repairs. We can assure you that our team of skilled foundation contractors have the necessary experience to provide you with the most accurate solution for every home. 

Addressing the actual cause of the foundation problem is crucial when deciding to repair or replace a foundation. Choosing to replace a foundation for a job that should've been repaired would be a costly headache that may result in re-occurring foundation issues.   

Look no further for a foundation and structural repair company. Foundation Specialties LLC, offers you fully warrantied solutions with a team of 40 professionals. Our permanent foundation solutions have been keeping Arkansas home's upright for the last 30 years.

We Restore Your Home's Value Through Our Quality Solutions

Here at, Foundation Specialties LLC, our team of professional foundation contractors are trained to permanently repair whatever foundation problem your home is experiencing. We offer cost-effective solutions that provide you with state-of-the-art products, quick installations, quality-proven systems, and a lasting warranty to make sure your foundation is permanently repaired.

Uncertain if your foundation wall crack is serious or not? Or if your foundation walls are beginning to bow? Contact us, Foundation Specialties LLC, your local foundation repair company devoted to restoring structural integrity to Arkansas homes.

Contact us today for a free foundation repair estimate in your home. Our service area is mainly focused throughout Northwest Arkansas, including Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, Fort Smith, and the surrounding areas.

Bowing, Buckling Foundation Walls

Foundation walls begin to bow and buckle when outside pressure on the wall become greater than the wall's strength. As the wall begins to fail under the pressure, cracks will form, and the wall will either buckle inwards in the middle, tilt inwards at the top, or slide in at the bottom.

The answer to bowing foundation walls is to add counterpressure to the walls from the inside. By installing foundation wall anchors on the inside of the walls, you can prevent their inward movement and potentially straighten the walls back to a level position.

severe bowing and buckling of foundation walls in Gainesville

Foundation Wall Straightening

Our foundation wall anchors are designed to both stabilize foundation walls and provide additional adjustment capability to return them to their original position. Our repair techniques will stabilize the wall right away. Completely straightening a bowed wall can be done gradually or immediately, depending on the strategy you select.

Bowing, tilting foundation walls should not be left that way! Our wall straightening services can get your walls back to a straight, stable position in no time.

A foundation wall leaning in at the top in

Settling Foundations

The soil underneath your home has settled in many different layers, each with their own characteristics and bearing strength. When these soil layers are unable to bear the weight of your home on top of them, the foundation can begin to sink and settle into the earth.

As foundations sink, your home can experience damage in many different ways. This kind of damage can be permanently stabilized with a foundation pier system. Foundation piers can transfer the weight of the foundation down to soils at greater depth that have adequate load-bearing capacity.

severe cracking of structural walls in Roswell

Sticking Windows And Doors

If a foundation issue is causing your home's windows and doors to stick or jam, then it's a safe bet to say the problem is some form of settlement.

Foundation contractors will often install piers to correct settlement problems, stabilizing the structure and often even restoring it to its original position.

If your windows and doors are sticking above a crawl space, the fault may lie in the central post-and-beam support system rather than in the perimeter walls. This calls for a different repair strategy involving new posts and footings.

severe foundation wall cracks along a window in Lilburn

Tilting, Leaning Chimneys

One of the most alarming foundation issues a homeowner faces is a chimney that begins to tilt or lean away from the house.

The footing or foundation for a chimney is sometimes built separately from the house foundation. This smaller foundation is susceptible to shifting if it's built on soil with poor load-bearing capacity. Shifting and leaning can also occur if the chimney foundation is too small or too close to the surface.

Foundation helical piers can provide an effective repair solution -- without the need to rebuild the structure.

sinking, leaning chimneys that are in danger of collapse in Riverdale

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