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We Permanently Repair Bowing & Buckling Foundation Walls

Diagram of a repaired foundation wall

Wall anchors are the most versatile wall repair method available, because they can be used to stabilize walls with a variety of problems such as bowing walls, walls that are tipping in at the top, and walls that are pushing in at the bottom.

Are your basement and foundation walls beginning to crack, bow, or tip inward? Contact Foundation Specialties LLC, before your walls can no longer provide adequate support for a structure. Our company is Arkansas's locally owned and employed company offering permanent, warrantied foundation repair solutions and products. Make sure the structure of your property is safe and secure, contact us Foundation Specialties LLC, for a Free Estimate on your properties foundation.

Signs of Bowing and Buckling Foundation Walls:

  • Diagonal cracking at corners of poured concrete foundation walls
  • Inward bulging or bowing along the walls
  • Intrusion of water, pests and odors through wall cracks
  • Walls leaning in at the top or sliding inwards on the bottom
  • Wet, clay soils around the home coupled with damaged walls
  • Expansive clay soils present around the structure

How Foundation Specialties LLC Repairs Bowing Walls

Our foundation repair contractors install Supportworks' Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchors along the bowing walls of your home and by auguring a hole into the soil away from your foundation.

Once your basement wall is connected to the earth anchor, the soil is back-filled and the sod is replaced. Once all the components of the wall anchor are connected and tightened the system's clamping pressure permanently stabilizes and restores the wall.

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We reinforce your walls, prevent the inward movement of the walls, and redistribute the load to where it can be better handled. We offer permanent warrantied solutions to straighten your Arkansas foundation walls!

Contact us today for a free foundation wall repair quote today! We serve the state of Arkansas including: Fayetteville, Rogers, Springdale, Bella Vista, Bentonville, Centerton, Lowell, Berryville, Farmington, Siloam Springs. 

How to Know if Your Walls Are Bowing

Foundation walls move inward when external pressure on your foundation walls exceeds their capacity to resist it, causing the walls to bow in the middle, tilt in along the top, and/or slide in along the bottom. It's also possible that your foundation walls may crack or fail from foundation settlement. Contact us today to set-up a free appointment with one of our foundation specialists, to accurately identify what foundation issue(s) are causing problems in your home.

Below are photographs of several foundations that are showing structural damage from expansive soils and hydrostatic pressure outside the foundation.

(Click each image to enlarge.)

A cracked foundation wall near a window in a Decatur home Foundation wall separating from the floor in Garfield home A buckling foundation wall in a Huntsville home. Rusted, corroded i-beams found with a failing foundation in a Eureka Springs home.
A diagonal stair-step crack found along a foundation wall in a West Fork home A diagonal stair step crack along the foundation wall of a Green Forest home A foundation showing severe inward buckling along the windows in a Cave Springs home. Severe foundation damage from a long crack in a bucking wall of a Gravette home.

What Causes Foundation Wall Failure?

wet and dry clay soil samples, with the dry one shrunken and cracked

How Does Moisture Affect Clay Soils?

Above: These two clay samples started out exactly the same in weight, size, and composition. The sample on the left was allowed to stay moist, while the sample on the right was allowed to dry out.

In short, expansive clays swell when moistened and shrink when dried. Expansive, swelling clays against basement walls can exert lateral pressures on the walls of the magnitude of several tons per square foot!

The soils surrounding your Arkansas home can put immense pressure on your foundation walls. The amount of pressure the soils exert, depends on four factors:

  1. The type of soil around the foundation
  2. The amount of moisture in the soil
  3. The temperature conditions
  4. How far underground the foundation is

The foundation walls of your home constantly experiences pressure from outside the walls; meanwhile, there is no opposing pressure on the inside pushing back. That's why when outside pressure is beyond the capacity of what the foundation walls can handle, the walls and other structural components will begin to fail.

Poor drainage systems, expansive clays, hydrostatic pressure, and frost (depending on geographic location) are the most common causes for foundation wall failure.

If you feel your foundation walls are failing, look no further for a foundation repair contractor. Foundation Specialties LLC, is your local foundation repair contractor offering Arkansas residents free foundation wall repair quote's on your home, contact us today!

Proper Installation of Foundation Wall Anchors is Necessary

In business since 1989, Foundation Specialties LLC, highly recommends utilizing our Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchor System, to strengthen and stabilize failing foundation walls. Our Wall Anchor System is designed for permanent foundation repairs and can be easily installed by our foundation contractors within a day! Our warrantied Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchor system has a six step installation process:

Auguring a hole in the earth for a foundation repair in Gentry

Digging Holes For the Earth Anchors

Before the process of installation, earth anchor locations are carefully positioned to maximize system effectiveness. When one of our foundation contractors arrive to your Arkansas home, their written proposal will lay-out the location of each earth anchor in the yard outside your house.

At the beginning of each earth anchor installation, sod is cautiously removed from your lawn and placed aside for later. A sheet is laid down to protect your lawn and landscaping from damage, and an earth anchor hole is made using a power auger.

Coring a one inch hole in a foundation wall to allow for the earth anchor rod to pass through.

Preparing The Foundation Wall

Once the hole for the earth anchor has been excavated, we will core a small hole through your foundation wall. Then, a steel anchor rod will be driven through the wall and soil, extending through a hole in the center of the earth anchor.

Our wall anchor system exceeds other methods in the industry because our approach utilizes a small 1" (in diameter) hole to go through the foundation wall. Our method is advantageous to others because our hole takes up little space; whereas, other methods may require a large hole or section of concrete block to be removed during installation.

Steel earth anchor assembly installation in Prairie Grove.

Attaching The Earth Anchor

The earth anchors are then installed into the excavated holes augured for them and then secured to each designated anchor rod. Once the end of each anchor rod is secured to their prospective earth anchor these assemblies are buried in the ground, using soil removed earlier. To resist corrosion damage, each of our earth anchor systems are designed with heavy-duty galvanized steel.

Our warrantied Geo-Lock™ Earth Anchors come installed with a 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects, as well as our companies own in-house quality and performance warranty.

Mounting a foundation wall plate for an earth anchor installation in Pea Ridge.

Mounting The Wall Plate

After the earth anchors have been installed and attached to the anchor rods, our foundation repair experts will mount a wall plate over each anchor rod end protruding through the interior of the foundation wall. A large nut is then screwed onto the threaded end of the anchor rod securing each wall plate and stabilizing the wall as the nut is fastened.

Have a finished basement? Be sure to ask one of our foundation experts about our Hide-A-Way® Wall Anchor Covers, which will help you tidily conceal your wall anchor access points.

Restoring the landscaping by replacing removed sod on the ground for a Farmington home.

Restoring The Landscaping

In business since 1989, our employee owned company takes pride in leaving each job we do as clean, neat, and free of damage to existing landscaping.

As part of our cleanup process, we completely fill excavated holes with dirt saved earlier and replace patches of sod to their original positions. We also tamp soil filled areas to ensure that depressed areas will not be created as the soils settle over time. We leave each job as if we were never there, leaving behind a seamless landscaping restoration.

Attempting to straighten a bowed foundation wall by straightening a wall anchor system in a Berryville home.

Tightening Wall Anchors

Our state-of-the-art Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchors do more than just oppress the inward movement of your bowing foundation walls - they also provide the opportunity to straighten your walls back to their original positioning.

Eventually, your walls can be significantly repaired, or even returned completely to their original position. This is one of the most powerful ways to restore value and structural integrity to your Arkansas home. When we install our Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchors, your home will become more stable and attractive -- both for you and for prospective home buyers.

When Foundation Wall Anchors Are Ineffective

In order for a wall anchor system to work effectively on your foundation, several feet of access is needed on the outside of your home. In areas where homes are only a few feet apart, wall anchors are not a valid option. If this is the case for you, another wall repair option will be required. Here at, Foundation Specialties LLC, we simply suggest to install our PowerBrace™ Foundation Wall System.

Graphic render of an installed i-beam system home.

This illustration shows how the PowerBrace™ system helps a foundation structure from bowing and bulging walls. This innovative system stabilizes bowing walls and can even straighten walls over time.

The PowerBrace™ System

The patented PowerBrace™ System from Supportworks effectively stabilizes your basement walls, in turn protecting your largest investment, your home. Heavy-duty, zinc-plated steel beams are custom-fit to your basement wall height. The beam is then secured tight against your basement wall with heavy-duty steel brackets that are anchored to your basement floor and floor joists.

The steel beams will stabilize the wall in its current position, without any further adjustment. A unique, patented approach to the PowerBrace™ design is the ability to continue to tighten the system during the dry season for possible wall improvement.

This system is a great option when yard access is limited and bowing, buckling wall problems need to be solved. Fast installation - the PowerBrace™ system can be conducted quickly in your home, with no disruption to your lawn, gardens, foliage, or other landscaping.

More about The Powerbrace™ System.

What Doesn't Work in Solving Your Foundation Settlement Problem

A foundation repair is a big job -- something you definitely only want to do once! As with anything, there are a variety of options for fixing your foundation, some more effective than others. Shopping for a solution to your foundation settlement problem is serious business.

You need a solution form a trustworthy contractor who will solve your problem permanently. Here are some solutions that we at Foundation Specialties LLC do not recommend:

Total foundation replacement is an expensive and time consuming process.

Most people assume if their foundation is failing that the best option of repair is to replace the entire structure. However, foundation replacement completely avoids the main cause behind foundation failure and essentially puts a refinished foundation back in dangerous territory.

Total Foundation Replacement:

The soil has to be entirely excavated from the perimeter of your foundation -- including shrubbery, gardens, sidewalks, and other landscaping obstacles.

The house is then jacked up, and the floor slab and foundation walls are removed from the structure. Finally, the foundation is rebuilt, the house is repositioned and the soil is replaced.

Not only is total foundation replacement extremely disruptive and expensive, the real problem is that it doesn't address the overlying foundation issue. The foundation isn't the problem; the soil is the problem. By replacing your foundation you've simply built a new foundation on the same troublesome soil your foundation just failed on.

You can expect that your newly replaced foundation will experience similar breaks and cracks just like the old foundation.

Local Company Repairs Bowing and Buckling Foundation Walls

Foundation Specialties LLC, is Arkansas's reliable foundation repair contractors, offering fully warrantied work and products. Our foundation repair solutions will permanently solve your foundation problems to relieve you of those re-occurring foundation nightmares.

We're proud to serve the state of Arkansas, repairing bowing and buckling walls for homeowners in need. We  provide free, no-obligation foundation wall repair estimates to homeowners throughout our Arkansas service area. Each Free Estimate includes a thorough on-site foundation inspection and a hand-written proposal for repairs and services.

If you're going to invest money in repairing your foundation, choose an experienced company offering foundation solutions that are warrantied for 25 years. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our repair contractors. Our service area includes: Springdale, Fayetteville, Rogers, Bella Vista, Bentonville, Centerton, Lowell, Berryville, Farmington, Siloam Springs.

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