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We Repair Tilting Chimneys Near Fayetteville, Rogers, Springdale

A home with a previous chimney problem.

The footing or foundation of a chimney is sometimes built separately from the house foundation (some poured at the same time). Your chimney is susceptible to shifting if it's built on soil with poor-load bearing capacity.

Is your chimney beginning to tilt or lean away from your home? Contact us, Foundation Specialties LLC, Arkansas's professional foundation repair company to repair and restore your chimney back to it's original place.

Telltale Signs of failing chimneys:

  • If your chimney "leans" or "tilts" away from your home
  • Cracks where the home foundation meets the chimney foundation
  • Cracked chimney brick or concrete masonry
  • Noticeable damage to the roof area where the flashing meets the chimney
  • Small or large gaps between the chimney and home walls

How Foundation Specialties LLC Can Help Repair Your Chimney:

Our foundation repair company can permanently fix your tilting, leaning, or cracked chimney with our warrantied products, professional service and quality solutions. Our foundation repair contractors fix chimneys with our innovative Helical Pier System researched and developed by our foundation headquarters, Supportworks.

These helical piers attach directly to the chimneys footer, where their mounted in place and used to attempt to lift the chimney back to its original position.

Foundation problems associated with your chimney can actually wind up being even more serious of a structural problem to your entire home. The same structural problems related to your chimney can equally effect your home foundation.

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Restore Your Chimney's Structural Identity

The chimney is typically the heaviest part of your house so a leaning or tilting chimney can quickly become dangerous if the problem is not addressed. Commonly caused by soil settlement, chimney related foundation problems are visually dramatic - separating away from the home(some weighing more than tens of thousands of pounds).

Foundation Specialties LLC will send one of our professional foundation contractors to your Arkansas home to identify the specific problem associated with your chimney or your foundation. Chimney damage and failure is often related to other serious home foundation problems, so we recommend checking finding where the root of the problem is before we start repairing parts of your home.

A tilting chimney in Green Forest showing serious foundation damage.
a repaired chimney in Green Forest that had shown serious foundation damage and was repaired with a helical pier system.

(Top) This chimney is in an early stage of tilting. The chimney is abut 1"  away from the home foundation.

(Bottom) The chimney repaired with our innovative helical pier system, has the chimney almost completely back in it's original position.

Warning: shortcuts are bad. Many homeowners may try to do a quick fix by filling in the gap between your chimney and home. Filling in the void with masonry, caulk or some other space filling material. This is not the answer! The actual problem associated with the chimney won't be addressed and your foundation chimney problem may get worse.

There are numerous causes to why chimneys fail from surrounding soils to poor construction. Some chimneys will often fail when they an inadequate chimney footing or it some cases it may be broken or missing. When this type structural problem occurs, your chimney doesn't have the proper structural support to keep it stable for long.

Most problems associated with chimneys, such as tilting and leaning are more often related to when a home is built on poor load bearing soils.

The chimney is one of the heaviest structures of the home and is commonly constructed separately from the home itself. With this in mind it's easy to understand why one of the heaviest structures of your home would fail if and when the soil below it can't support it's weight. Tilting, cracking, and spacing may form when your chimney sinks into the soil separating from it's strongest agent, the home.

At this point you should contact a foundation repair expert because it's possible that the soils causing your chimney to fail, may actually be under your home foundation, putting your home's structural weight in jeopardy.

Repair Chimneys the Right Way -  Helical Piers

Our company, Foundation Specialties LLC, properly repairs chimney's from tilting and leaning by stabilizing the foundation with our warrantied helical pier system.

These foundation piers are mechanically advanced or "screwed" into the soil under your home. Our piers include a helical blade, made of galvanized steel, that allows the piers to be driven deep into the ground to transfer the weight of your chimney (or foundation) to the load bearing bedrock.

Once driven into the soil, a bracket is then attached to the helical pier and mounted on the footing of your chimney's foundation. Once installed, the helical pier can offers permanent stabilization and support. Our helical piers even are your home's best opportunity to return your chimney to its original position.

More about Foundation Helical Piers.

We Are A Local Company Repairing Tilting Chimneys

At Foundation Specialties LLC, we repair and restore home foundations throughout Arkansas - including tilting and leaning chimneys. Our warrantied products and solutions are installed quickly and best of all they permanently solve your foundation problem.

Not sure how serious your chimney lean is? Find out easily, by calling us for a free foundation repair estimate. Each Free Estimate includes a thorough inspection of your Arkansas home's foundation lay-out identifying the problem and a written service quote.

Foundation Specialties LLC serves Rogers, Fayetteville, Springdale, and nearby neighborhoods in Mountain Home, Fort Smith, Harrison, Van Buren, Bella Vista, Alma, Bentonville. Call or e-mail us today to schedule an appointment with one of our foundation repair experts!

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