Wall Straightening

We Repair & Straighten Tilting Walls in Arkansas Home's

Let Foundation Specialties LLC restore your cracked, bowed, or leaning basement walls with a professional foundation repair. Our company is a locally owned, responsible foundation repair contractor in Arkansas. Our goal is to provide Arkansas homeowner's with permanent foundation solutions, improving home comfort, functionality and overall value.

Contact us today to have a free wall straightening estimate on your property. One of our foundation experts will thoroughly inspect your foundation walls and write out a service quote for repairs.

Revealing signs of failing foundation walls will vary:

  • Horizontal cracks in mortar joints
  • Stair-step cracks at outside corners of wall
  • Horizontal shearing at the bottom of the wall
  • Tipping at the top of the wall
  • Leaning-in at the top of the wall & diagonal cracking

Don't Let Your Foundation Walls Get Worse

It's hard for the common homeowner to completely identify all the foundation wall problems occurring within their perspective home, let alone the seriousness of the damage. Sometimes more than one problem may be occurring, making it even more difficult to distinguish the root problem.

Contact us, Foundation Specialties LLC, your local experts in foundation repairs and solutions to receive the most professional and qualified foundation service in the state of Arkansas. We understand why foundation walls fail, what to do to repair them and how to keep them permanently stable from future wall failure.

Our responsible foundation repair company offers our solutions to Arkansas residents. Schedule an appointment for a free foundation wall repair estimate in our service area, including: Springdale, Fayetteville, Rogers, Lowell, Bella Vista, Bentonville, Siloam Springs, Berryville, Farmington, Centerton.

Why is My Foundation Wall Beginning to Fail?

A failing foundation wall and i-beam support in a Rogers home

Foundation walls showing visible signs of bowing, cracking, buckling and tilting can get worse over time if these concerned areas are not addressed.

Contact one of our foundation repair experts today to find out what your options for repair are.

Unbeknownst to many, the soil surrounding your Arkansas home may be jeopardizing the foundation of your home, placing a great deal of pressure on your walls and floors.

The applied pressure put on your foundation varies based on certain factors: the type of soil surrounding your home, how far underground your foundation extends and how much moisture is in the soil.

The two most common causes of wall failure in Arkansas foundations are expansive clay soils and hydrostatic pressure. Other causes of foundation failure can attribute to poor drainage systems (gutter systems), and poorly graded soils.

The first sign of wall failure in a foundation is usually cracks within the buildings masonry. After cracks in the masonry form, sections of the wall can actually start to buckle, tilt, and bow inwards. Left untouched, the damage to your foundation wall can worsen over time and spread, resulting in a disaster.

The good news about the foundation issues mentioned above is that our company can repair your failing foundation with warrantied, permanent solutions that are much more affordable than a foundation replacement.

To stabilize bowing buckling walls in failing foundations we install a wall anchor system. After a series of these wall anchors are installed around your home, the system can permanently stabilize your basement walls. Offering you the best opportunity to straighten your walls over time without the cost and disruption of foundation replacement.

Whether you would prefer to get your bowing, sliding, or tilting walls immediately repaired or gradually repaired, Foundation Specialties LLC, can help. Once your foundation is repaired you'll improve the value, comfort, safety and functionality of your home.

Foundation Wall Straightening

Tilting foundation wall repair logo for GeoLock®

Foundation Specialties LLC, recommends correcting failing foundation walls with the permanent answer, the GeoLock® Wall Anchor System.

The GeoLock® Wall Anchor System was designed by Supportworks, Inc., a foundation repair network with over 100 contractors using this exact foundation wall system to permanently repair basements all across North America.

The GeoLock® Wall Anchor System can quickly be installed into most Arkansas foundations through a 6-step process.

A foundation wall showing severe damage from bowing and buckling in Elkins

Excavating the Foundation Perimeter

The image on the right illustrates a foundation with severe soil settlement along the wall. Notice the inward bowing of the foundation wall because of the soil pressure.

In order to alleviate pressure placed on your foundation walls from the outside soil or moisture, Foundation Specialties LLC, begins wall straightening by excavating the surrounding soils around the foundation.

The only time foundation walls need exterior excavation is when wall straightening needs immediate attention, for example if the wall is a dangerous threat to the home. This step of our wall anchor system is not a mandatory part of our Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchor System installations.

Position The Earth Anchor

Positioning an earth anchor for the steel shaft installation in West Fork.

Our contractors carefully align where each earth anchor is placed around the home. Within the section, a temporary removal of the lawn's sod becomes the digging grounds for the earth anchor.

Our earth anchor's are manufactured and designed with high-quality galvanized steel to resist corrosion, and includes a 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Along with the manufacturing warranty we include our own in-house quality and performance warranty.

Each earth anchor has a center hole for attaching the anchor rod that will be installed in the GeoLock® Wall Anchor Systems next step.

Coring a hole in a block wall foundation for an earth anchor installation

Prepare The Foundation Wall

Next, a small hole is drilled into the foundation wall so that the steel anchor rod can extend to each earth anchor. The anchor rod drives through the soil until it can be attached to its respective earth anchor.

Our wall anchor system stands out from other methods in the industry because we utilize a 1" diameter hole for our anchor rods - in the foundation wall. Other anchor systems may require a large section of concrete block to be removed from the foundation wall during installation.

Mounting the steel wall plate for foundation wall repair and straightening in Lincoln.

Mounting Wall Plates

After the earth anchors are attached to the anchor rods, a steel wall plate is then mounted within the foundation wall to apply an opposing pressure against the foundation wall.

The inward movement of your foundation walls will have been permanently halted once this step of the GeoLock® Wall Anchor System installation has been completed. These wall anchors can now be gradually tightened to continue to straighten and stabilize the once failing foundation wall.

Drilling the hole in the foundation wall for street creep repairs in Garfield

Straightening Basement Walls

At this point in the installation process, your foundation contractors will attempt to straighten the foundation walls back to their original starting position. To do this, the wall anchors will be tightened and adjusted accordingly and will provide long-term support for the walls.

Once the foundation wall is straightened, the excavation from step 1 is filled using the soil removed.

To avoid excessive soil pressure in the future, installations of gravel and drainage tile systems help avoid soil pressure from excessive moisture. After backfilling, landscape details will be carefully restored.

Wall anchor covers installed along a foundation wall that has been straightened in .

Cleaning Up & Preparing For Basement Finishing

Each hole created during the soil anchor installation will carefully be filled in with excavated soil and then mechanically compressed. Our professionals will make it look like they were never there. The section of sod that was once removed will be replaced and raked for a seamless blend with surrounding landscaping.

As an added benefit, those steel wall plates installed on your foundations wall interior, can be covered with our new Hide-A-Way® Way Wall Anchor Covers.

Make Living Easier With Our Foundation Repair Services

Here at Foundation Specialties LLC, we offer award winning products, permanent solutions, fully warrantied work, and a team of foundation repair contractors. We offer free wall straightening repair quotes to Arkansas residents to help correctly identify all your home's specific needs.

We offer our services to Rogers, Fayetteville, Springdale, Lowell, Bella Vista, Bentonville, Siloam Springs, Berryville, Farmington, Centerton, and many nearby neighborhoods. To schedule an appointment, call or e-mail us today!

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