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A window that is cracked at the corner and separating from the brick foundation wall in West Fork

A sure sign of foundation settlement are breaks and cracks around door and window openings.  These openings are the weakest point (wear point) in the wall and will reveal foundation problems.

Foundation Specialties LLC is your local foundation repair company offering professional services to repair sticking windows & doors. Our foundation specialists offer Arkansas homeowner's warrantied solutions that repair all those cracks and gaps extending along your window and door openings.

Below are some common signs of sticking windows and doors:

  • Significant force is needed to open & close windows
  • Doors don't open or close properly
  • Cracks forming at the corners of windows & door openings
  • Surfaces throughout the home begin to sag, dip or are uneven
  • Door & window openings are out of frames

If your windows and doors are giving you hard time or you aren't sure if your foundation crack is serious, contact us. Foundation Specialties LLC offers free foundation repair estimates. One of our foundation contractors will inspect your home's foundation and let your know what need's to be done and how much it will cost.

What Foundation Specialties LLC Can Do For You:

Two of the most frequent foundation problems in Arkansas home's affiliated with sticking windows and jamming doors are weakened or ruined crawl space supports and settlement.

When crawl space supports begin to shift or decay, a domino effect occurs within the home, causing windows to crack and floors to sag or dip. This type of foundation problem is usually associated with foundation settlement, where our professional repair contractors would install either crawl space jacks or foundation piers depending on your home's specific problem.

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We can permanently repair your Arkansas foundation, and relieve you of sticking windows and doors. We offer fully warrantied solutions and professional service.

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Foundation Problems Only Get Worse

The foundation is the base and structural stability of your home, so any problem having to do with it can seem extremely distressing. Not only that, other surfaces and structures in your home are in jeopardy, such as doors and windows. Your doors and windows that stick too often can be one of the most inconvenient and obvious foundation problems a homeowner can deal with.

Sticking Windows & Doors Symptoms

Doors and windows that do not operate correctly effect the security, aesthetic appeal, and ventilation in homes.  This is usually the result of cracks around window and door openings or skewed openings from a settling foundation.  

Below are images of damaged windows and doors we've encountered that have experienced common foundation issues.

(Click on each photograph to enlarge.)

Stair step cracking starting at a window in a Garfield homeSliding doors that are crooked and jamming due to a foundation issue in Garfield home A long foundation crack that begins at a doorway of a Huntsville home. A long drywall crack beginning at the corner of a doorway in a Eureka Springs home.
A long, diagonal crack that begins at a window corner of a West Fork home long jagged cracks starting at the corner of a window along a brick wall on a Green Forest home A large settlement crack on interior drywall in a Cave Springs home. A gap in a window along the outer wall due to foundation settlement of a Gravette home.

What Causes Windows And Doors To Stick Or Jam?

If foundation settlement issues are ignored for a long period of time, the problem will most likely get worse and will be more expensive and time consuming to fix in the future.  

Don't let more extensive damage occur- address cracks that extend along door and window openings as soon as you recognize a problem.

The two common causes to window and door cracks associated with foundation problems:

Illustration of a severe foundation settlement issue

Settling Foundations

Foundation settlement is unique to every home.  In some cases only parts of a foundation will settle and shift, while in others the entire foundation may move out of place.  

Floors and doors that dip and skewed window openings are results of cracking foundations and slabs.  While these materials easily crack, any wood that the foundation is in contact with will most likely twist or bend.  

While this is true, wood framing with drywall fastened to it will crack similarly to the foundation - usually at the window and door corners - because it is not a flexible material. Home exteriors made with brick or stone are more likely to experience cracks in the upper masonry when a settled foundation occurs.

More about foundation settlement issues.

Illustration of a completed installation of a foundation push pier system The Solution:

To restore your foundation settlement problems, Foundation Specialties LLC installs foundation piers at key locations.  Extending to stable, load-bearing soil, the piers are also attached to the foundation with steel brackets to keep them stable and in place.  

This repair work prevents further settling - and can even allow the foundation to be jacked back to its original position.

Once the foundation is raised back up, foundation cracks in the wall will seal and close. Doors, locks, and windows may return to functionality, and further settlement damage will halt.

Push piers and helical piers are the two unique types of foundation piers we use to address foundation settlement issues.  A performance warranty and a manufacturer's 25-year warranty are both included with the installation of our piers. 

To find out more information about foundation piers click here

Illustration of a severely sinking crawl space structure.

Sinking Crawl Space Supports

Crawl spaces in Arkansas are often poorly designed in home's. Crawl spaces usually offer few support columns, rotting floor joists and girders, and weak or poor supporting soils causing the supports to sink and fail.

A sinking crawl space structure causes the floor that it supports to sink too.  This creates uneven surfaces underfoot, pulling the interior walls that are attached to it downwards as well. When the walls sink, they pull apart and leave unwanted cracks throughout your interior walls.  As your home grows older and warps, other problems will arise including doors that jam and become difficult to close or open. 

Illustration of a repaired crawl space structure with crawl space jacksThe Solution:

Crawl space support jacks are our main mode of scrawl space structural repair when sinking crawl space supports are the problem.   

We begin by excavating a hole for each support and creating a base of engineered fill. A pre-cast concrete base is installed on top of the fill, and the support jack is mounted on top.

Once the support jacks are installed, our innovative crawl space products will stop your floor from sinking and sagging. These adjustable jacks can also be modified to attempt to lift your floors and walls back to it's most original position.

A quick installation of our crawl space jack system allows for completion in about a day.  

When shopping for crawl space jacks, it's important to find a system that's resistant to corrosion. Crawl space jacks that rust and corrode in a crawl space will become difficult, if not impossible to adjust. If you have a future issue, you won't be able to count on them to operate properly.

Which is Which?

Determining which type of foundation repair services you'll need can only be established after figuring out if the problem is centered around the exterior or interior structure.  

Jamming doors and windows, and exterior cracks usually are not linked with sinking crawl space support issues.  These exterior cracks and building envelope problems are most likely not caused by foundation settlement

Identifying The Source Of Window & Door Issues

  Potentially Caused By:
Structural Problem Crawl Space Structural Issue Foundation Settlement
Jamming Exterior
Or Entryway Doors
  green checkmark
Jamming Interior Doorways green checkmark green checkmark
Sticking Windows   green checkmark
Cracks Along Windows
& Entryway Doors
  green checkmark
Cracks Along Interior Doorways green checkmark green checkmark
Sinking, Sagging Floors green checkmark  

Employee Owned Foundation Repair Experts in Arkansas

No problem is too big or too small for our products and services here at Foundation Specialties LLC.  Foundation problems seem distressing, but with the help of a qualified, professional foundation contractor like ours, the damage can be permanently and quickly repaired.  These repairs will restore stability and value to your greatest investment- your home!

We are here to help. Don't let the operation of your windows and doors become a hassle. If you have a foundation problem in our Arkansas service area contact us today for your no-obligation, free foundation repair quotes.  An on-site inspection, written estimate, and personal consultation is included in each free quote we perform.  Don't hesitate- call or email us today for more information!  We proudly serve Springdale, Fayetteville, Rogers, surrounding areas such as Bentonville, Bella Vista, Lowell, Centerton, Siloam Springs, Berryville, Farmington, and nearby.

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