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Foundation Specialties LLC is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Bentonville. Learn more about Foundation Specialties LLC's recent work requests in Bentonville and nearby areas!

Learn more about Foundation Specialties LLC'S recent work requests in Bentonville, AR
Vicinity of Punkin Hollow Rd in Bentonville
Have some light mold under house. Want to get estimate of removal, putting plastic under house and install two vents with fans.
Vicinity of SE A Street in Bentonville
We have renovated an older home in downtown Bentonville and our floors are not level, we would like to get them repaired and check the foundation as the floors are slanted. Thanks, Renee
Vicinity of Rice Rd in Bentonville
Crack in concrete block southeast corner of house
Vicinity of Crestview in Bentonville
I'm purchasing an older home with some sagging/unlevel floors. Inspection of the crawlspace revealed some cut floor joists and support piers are placed too far apart. Looking for a quote to have this corrected. Thanks!
Vicinity of NE Buckingham Blvd in Bentonville
There is a crack on the outside of our house from the window to the ground. Also, a crack on cinder blocks in the crawl space. Don't know what's wrong and would like to get an estimate.
Vicinity of in Bentonville
We are in the process of buying a house and the inspector found some foundation issues. We would need the following: - installation of a pier at point load in crawlspace - clean up mildew in crawlspace on floor joists, beams, and subfloor - install moisture barrier - replace rotted wooden rim joist below the entry door to the crawlspace - excavate crawlspace where needed for accurate clearance
Vicinity of Spring Valley Rd in Bentonville
Need estimate for installing vapor barrier in crawl space of 2500 sq ft ranch.
Vicinity of NW C Street in Bentonville
Home was built in the 1940s, and is showing signs of settling that seems beyond the scope of normal to me. It is a pier and beam foundation. I wish to get an inspection and estimate if issues are found. Please feel free to call for clarification. Thank you. Janet Cherry
Vicinity of NW White Way in Bentonville
Front porch separating slightly from house (most evident on the left side when facing the house)
Vicinity of in Bentonville
I want to insulate or encapsulate my crawlspace and looking into the cost and best way to have that done.
Vicinity of Hickory Dr in Bentonville
I have a 24 foot by 7' high stucco over block retaining wall that is cracked and beginning to lean. May need to be replaced if not repaired. Would like an estimate.
Vicinity of SW Msyflower Road in Bentonville
Musty smell in house. Very flat ground. All dirt.. Doesn't drain well. This spring has been extra wet. I know during heavy rains, water does accumulate under house, normally drains away after the rain stops.
Vicinity of SW Regional Airport Blvd in Bentonville
Sagging floors, cracked foundation, rotted joists, cracked drywall, etc.
Vicinity of SW PINOAK AVE in Bentonville
Vicinity of Nw Palomino St in Bentonville
Home has conventional foundation - inspector noted that - Beams are not centered on piers and some are not even in the middle third of piers
Vicinity of NE Waverly Way in Bentonville
Foundation movement / cracking on steps to entry of our home.
Vicinity of Quail Run Cr in Bentonville
We are on a crawl space and have a sloping floor in the kitchen. Need an estimate to repair.
Vicinity of SW Choctaw in Bentonville
Settling foundation on the rear side of the house
Vicinity of SE C STREET in Bentonville
Cracks in walls, near counters and windows want to lay new flooring and paint walls this spring, but we need see how much cost fix foundation first
Vicinity of Mustang St in Bentonville
A crack in the foundation
Vicinity of Marseille Ct in Bentonville
A portion of our raised driveway has sunk about 1-2" over the last 5 years.
Vicinity of in Bentonville
New cracks appearing in several walls and spreading daily. have concerns about foundation (crawl space) and drainage
Vicinity of Trails End Drive in Bentonville
I have a few areas where my drywall is separating from the ceiling.
Vicinity of SE C Street in Bentonville
1890 victorian. There is some sagging in the middle of the house that is resulting in cracking to the plaster walls.
Vicinity of Partridge Run in Bentonville
A couple of doors are wonky. We just moved in a year and a half ago.
Vicinity of Ivy Place in Bentonville
Need a concrete wall built around my house to keep ground water from coming into my house or whatever you may suggest.
Vicinity of SE C Str in Bentonville
Having issues with uneven floor in part of my home. Purchased home and remodeled last fall. Flooding issues at work here.... I believe that it has affected my foundation. Can someone come take a look? Best time for me is late afternoon. Thank you
Vicinity of NWA Street in Bentonville
Commercial basement historic adaptive reuse project brick masonry foundation walls
Vicinity of in Bentonville
Floors are sagging towards middle of house.
Vicinity of Hanna Lane in Bentonville
Our crawlspace is dry, but there is part of an addition to our house that is below grade. Recently the carpet has been damp near the outside wall after heavy rains.
Vicinity of Sw Tunbridge Dr in Bentonville
When it rains heavy water comes inside the house.
Vicinity of Crestview Drive in Bentonville
We are selling our house and on the inspection report it notes possible sagging and recommends rebracing any support beams that are not adequately supported. We would like to see if we can get someone out this week to take a look and give us an estimate if repairs are needed. Closing is scheduled for next week.
Vicinity of Olinka Pass in Bentonville
Cracks on the exterior wall above the garage door.
Vicinity of in Bentonville
Drainage, soil shifting, expansion, foundation cracks
Vicinity of in Bentonville
Settling, drainage issues, cracks, etc.
Vicinity of NW Windham Ave. in Bentonville
Floor is uneven, I want to make sure structure is sound.
Vicinity of Sw Glover Street in Bentonville
Looking to cover crawl space
Vicinity of Hanna Lane in Bentonville
On the south side of my drive way I am looking to put in a flower bed. The side is slanted and I think I need a retaining wall to level it out. Thank you
Vicinity of in Bentonville
Cracks in drywall and in brick skirting, sunken floors and porch separating from the house
Vicinity of in Bentonville
I have cracks in my bricks and concrete slab from ground being over dry. I would like to set up a time for a free quote. Thank you

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