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Foundation Specialties LLC is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Springdale. Learn more about Foundation Specialties LLC's recent work requests in Springdale and nearby areas!

Learn more about Foundation Specialties LLC'S recent work requests in Springdale, AR
Vicinity of S Cleveland St in Springdale
Vicinity of STONEBROOK ST in Springdale
I have several doors on the back side of the house that are not closing properly as well as a crack in the drywall and in the ceramic tile by the back door. I'm concerned there might be a foundation issue I need to resolve. Would love to have you guys evaluate and give me an honest recommendation.
Vicinity of W Miller Road in Springdale
I'm looking for a quote on site work and pouring a foundation for a 50x80 metal building.
Vicinity of Northern Dancer in Springdale
I may have some settlement. I've had a Constructional Engineer look at my house and he believes there is some settlement in the footings. You were recommended by the Engineer.
Vicinity of Mill Street in Springdale
I have an older home (1914 bungalow) and while wall and ceiling cracks have always been a part of the home, they seem to be more pronounced the last several months. I've also noticed some soil erosion at the back of the house around the concrete patio slab, exposing what appears to be a giant hole underneath the slab and house. Would definitely like a professional to come take a look. Thank you.
Vicinity of W. War Eagle Rd. in Springdale
Sink hole near foundation on the left side of my house. The foundation on that side of my house is a slab foundation.
Vicinity of Michelle St. in Springdale
House has crawl space flooring not level. Wood floors separating
Vicinity of E. Andrew Ave in Springdale
Our house has an increasing amount of cracking on the exterior brick and interior drywall.
Vicinity of Dogwood View in Springdale
The southeast corner on the back of our house seems to be dropping or settling. Our builder came back when it first started happening and removed the brick and dug to the footers to check for cracks or damage and didn't find anything. He re-bricked that section of the house, but it has cracked again. It appears to me that the brick on the back of the house is starting to lean toward the back yard. The bathroom door on that end of the house swings open if you don't latch it closed, and if you spill water on the tile, it runs toward the back of the house. We are on a concrete slab and the house is 13 years old.
Vicinity of S West End in Springdale
There's been some water under the house and in the crawl space. I am trying to determine all that is needed to get it out, and keep it out.
Vicinity of Lexington Cir in Springdale
I'm considering encapsulating my crawlspace to mitigate humidity and also have an additional storage space. Currently it is a basic dirt floor with no vapor barrier installed... planned to install a 20 mil vapor barrier this summer but may go for full encapsulation depending on costs. Main concern would be grading the dirt floor so it is somewhat level. Basically I would like a rough estimate of what this would cost for a professional vs DIY project. Thank you for your time. -Chris
Vicinity of Ellenbarger Road in Springdale
New sump & channeling to sump, battery back-up in case of power outage, encapsulation / new vapor barrier.
Vicinity of Crutcher St in Springdale
Cracks in sheet rock, around windows, on Northeast room. Foundation appears to have settled, with cracks at base on outside. Was wondering if foundation lift/support would be in order.
Vicinity of Snavely Rd. in Springdale
Floor is pulling away from outer wall and sagging in middle.
Vicinity of Bryant Place in Springdale
Moisture in crawl space under garage off a walk in basement area.
Vicinity of Mohawk Circle in Springdale
I added a sunroom to the back of our home approximately ten years ago. There are signs of settling of two of the walls.
Vicinity of War Eagle Blacktop Road in Springdale
We are in the process of selling our home. A recommendation has been made for floor joists, rafters, headers to be repaired in the crawl space and garage areas. We need someone to look at the areas and give a quote on the repairs.
Vicinity of Wagon Wheel Rd in Springdale
We have crack in the middle of our house,it causes our door to be out of line.we have a noticeable sank in floor.
Vicinity of Savannah Ln in Springdale
We have a passive ventilation crawl space. I would like to know if this is sufficient or if I should encapsulate the crawl space and add a dehumidifier.
Vicinity of Georgia Street in Springdale
We have a contract on our house, but have agreed to put a vapor barrier in the crawl space prior to closing (in 2 weeks.) Our house is 3000 sq ft, 2 stories, 13 years old, with a crawl space that you can stand and walk in. We need an estimate for the cost of a vapor barrier in that crawl space.
Vicinity of Monitor Road in Springdale
Cracks in garage and up the sides of the exterior brick.
Vicinity of War Eagle Blacktop Rd in Springdale
There are cracks in the concrete block wall on the bottom floor of the house. The foundation and connecting driveway are cracked with sectons that have fallen.
Vicinity of Tara in Springdale
See some separation in bricks in a small area in the back of my home..Want to know if this is foundation problems, how bad and the cost to repair.
Vicinity of East Robinson Ave in Springdale
Need a couple piers for garage. When the ground dries out the NW coenr settles a bit
Vicinity of W War Eagle Rd in Springdale
Water settles near my home is below the grade of the street. I have water leaking through the foundation blocks and I have damp soil in the crawlspace. I think I need a french drain, and new plastic cover under my home.I would also like my crawlspace protected from microbe growth.
Vicinity of War Eagle Blacktop Rd in Springdale
Water collects in crawlspace we have an old sump pump thats not working
Vicinity of Woodcliff Rd. in Springdale
Joint separations of about 1/4" above two doors on opposite sides of living room, due to what a structural engineer (Jerry Jansma) said was the dropping of floor joists from where they should be secured to a beam at a perpendicular atop two concrete pillars. Crawl space is dry and about 5" high in the area of concern. I can send pictures if you wish. Need your free estimate of cost to repair to the point that only cosmetic work would be required. Thanks.
Vicinity of Friendship View in Springdale
Large cracks in driveway.
Vicinity of Snavely RD in Springdale
The center of the house is sagging.
Vicinity of Secretariart in Springdale
New construction. Need quote to encapsulate a crawlspace of approximately 400 sqft.
Vicinity of San Jose Dr. in Springdale
Foundation, basement block wall have several minor stair shape crack
Vicinity of Oak Circle in Springdale
Crawl space may need encapsulating
Vicinity of Santa Rosa Drive in Springdale
I am interested in the cost of a patio about 16x32 feet.
Vicinity of in Springdale
Sagging in part of floor. Inspector recommended a foundation specialist take a look to recommend any repairs if needed. This is a home we are scheduled to close on the purchase on July 8th so I need it looked at ASAP if possible. Thanks, Thom
Vicinity of Ina Ave in Springdale
I need a new crawlspace door.
Vicinity of Clear Creek Dr in Springdale
Need to lift a home that is in a flood zone. It is on slab.
Vicinity of Carmel Place in Springdale
Pier & Beam Construction Water under house with cracks in sheet rock and gaps in exterior window/brick
Vicinity of Neills Bluff in Springdale
Main entrance (west side of house)sidewalk entry has sunk a few inches. Numerous drywall and floor tile cracks inside of house. Water under house after recent rain.
Vicinity of Shadow Crest Ln. in Springdale
My home is built on a hill. The bedroom in the northwest corner (backside of the house), has cracks around door frame going into bathroom from bedroom. The cracks change in width depending on the season. We've had a repairman shore up some of the piers & beams in 2009; however, it doesn't seem to have fixed the problem. We'd like to get an estimate for the cost of repairs that will really fix the problem, not just a bandaid.
Vicinity of Crest Lane in Springdale
I have a crack in the brick running from the roof to the ground. I need the problem investigated and a quote to resolve it.
Vicinity of Barnett Lane in Springdale
Our front porch is falling. We believe that some of the piers under the foundation have fallen or been compromised in some way. We need to know how we can repair the porch and what it will cost.
Vicinity of Ewalt Street in Springdale
I am taking care of a rental house for a friend that lives out of state. When the renters moved out and we entered the house from the hall into 2 bedrooms the floor is running down hill in the hall and bowed in the bedrooms. I would like to get a free estimate on what it would take to fix it. Please contact to arrange a time for an appointment. I will be out of town tomorrow and Wednesday, but other than that any time should be good. Thank You, Teresa

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